1′′-1.25′′-1.5′′-2′′-3′′-4′′ Inch Solar Pump System

1”-1.25”-one.5”-2”-3”-4” Inch Solar Pump Program (centrifugal series)
4SPSC14/seventy four-D380/three.

Undertake stainless metal screw and rubber stator, long term magnet brushless motor. With blend of motor and controller, the max efficiency is over eighty five%,raises 25% than the traditional AC 1.

  1. Stainless steel casing, shaft main, coupling, oil entry foundation and pump entire body to keep away from rust or corrosion. New polymer resources of large-power wear-resistant

2) Oil immersion type stainless metal submersible motor.
Solution Feature:

  1. Compact framework, substantial-elevate, noiseless, pollution-totally free total electrical defending controller system, against below-voltage, above-voltage, more than-movement, overload, wateriess etc computerized recovery managing water height as demand from customers.
  2. Very easily set up, maintenance-free, secure and reliable.

1).These electric powered pump series are workable with greatest head, as there are no restrictions of BDC , With the addition of large speed, large performance and broad higher efficiency zone, they are suited for length drinking water irrigation, large performance of rising oxygen on aquaculture, pumping water from deep well ,gardening, fountain and and so on.
Doing work issue:

  1. Non-corrosive water, the volume ratio of sand material no a lot more than 1‰ Particle dimensions significantly less than .2mm.
  2. Max medium temperature up to +40ºC  PH value continues to be 6.five-eight.5.
  3. Work shut to the rated head and should be immersed in water.






1′′-1.25′′-1.5′′-2′′-3′′-4′′ Inch Solar Pump System