1.5kw Yej Series Three Phase AC Squirrel-Cage Break Electric Motor

YEJ2 Collection Electromagnetism Brake Three Section Asynchronous Motors

YEJ2 series electromagnetic brake motors are enhanced products of YEJ collection, it is in accordance with JB/T6456 requirements, and its electrical efficiency is in accord with Y2 collection technical standard. The electrical energy of the controller should be synchronized with the electrical electrical power of the motor.

The electrical motors are outfitted the electromagnetic brake on the non-shaft conclude, when electricity off, retarding disc will instantly push in stop-defend which make friction brake torque and stop the running of motor, the no-load brake period is transformed with the frame size of the motor, the range is .fifteen-.forty five seconds. This kind of motor is regarded as the driving pressure of a variety of equipment and commonly utilized in mechanical workout equipment instrument, transport equipment, deal, woodworking, meals, chemical engineering, textile, construction, shop, roll doorway machinery.

Operating Circumstances:

Ambient temperature: -15senti degree≤ 0≤ forty senti degree
Altitude: Not exceeding a thousand meters
Rated voltage: 380V, 400V, 415V
Rated frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Insulation course: Course B / F
Y CZPTt-link for 3KW and below
Delta-link for 4KW or much more
Obligation / Ranking: Constant(S1)

Voltage for brake: DC 99V for motors up to H100
DC170V for motors H112 and up

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1.5kw Yej Series Three Phase AC Squirrel-Cage Break Electric Motor