1PCS Gear Motor All Metal DC Motor Gearbox DC 3V 6V 1: 90 110rpm for Robot Car

1PCS Gear Motor All Metal DC Motor Gearbox DC 3V 6V one:90 110rpm For Robotic Automobile

These gearbox motors (also acknowledged as ‘TT’ motors) are an effortless, low-expense way to get your initiatives shifting.

This is a TT DC All-Metallic Gearbox Motor with a equipment-ratio of 1:90 aboutdouble of the ‘standard’ 1:48 ratio.

That provides them increased torque but slower rotational speed.

Since they are slower they’re good for robots where strength is more important than pace.

They look a lot like our yellow all-plastic-gearbox motors but these have all of the motor gears machined from steel, so they won’t strip as very easily, and they’re two times as gradual (and twice as effective) offered their reduced gearbox ratio. The metallic gears also imply they’re louder when working.

You can power these motors with 3VDC up to 6VDC, they’ll of program go a small more rapidly at the greater voltages. We grabbed one motor and identified these stats when managing it from a bench-prime supply

  • At 3VDC we calculated 80mA @ sixty RPM no-load, and .5 Amps when stalled
  • At 4.5VDC we measured 90mA @ ninety RPM no-load, and .eight Amps when stalled
  • At 6VDC we measured 100mA @ one hundred twenty RPM no-load, and 1. Amps when stalled

Be aware that these are very simple motors, and have no constructed-in encoders, speed handle or positional suggestions. Voltage goes in, rotation goes out! There will be variation from motor to motor, so a individual comments program is essential if you require precision motion.



Circumstances of CZPT Operation

Advised Voltage 

three.0V DC Continual between motor terminals

Path of rotation 


Gear box position 

All instructions

Storage Humidity Variety with the exception of gear box 


Operation temperature assortment with the exception of gearbox 


Storage temperature Assortment with the exception of gearbox 


Equipment box noise: 70dB (Max) 

History noise: 35dB (Max)

CZPTal Attributes (DC 6V)



No load Current 

 140mA  (140mA Max)

Recent below rated load 

 140mA  (140mA Max)

Speed beneath rated load 

 105±10% Rpm
CZPTting Voltage   1.2V  (one.6V Max)
Existing by certified test   140mA Max  (DC3V)

1PCS Gear Motor All Metal DC Motor Gearbox DC 3V 6V 1: 90 110rpm for Robot Car