3 Phase AC Induction Motor with Flange and Aluminum Body

 Product Title: 3 Phase AC Induction Motor

 CZPT Description:

 1.MS series three-stage asynchronous motor is the totally enclosed, enthusiast-cooled inducti were the most recent product in the 90S’ ,its total level has achieved the very same merchandise overseas at the commencing of 90S’level. The merchandise implement to economic lake-off fields, these kinds of as device equipment, h2o pump, admirer, compressor, also can be applied to transportation, stirring, printing, agricultural equipment, meals and other sorts of excluding inflammable, explosive or corrosive gasoline.
two. MS collection a few-phase asynchronous motor installation dimension and electricity quality in conformity with related expectations of IEC and Germany DIN42673 standard line and Y collection motor, its shell security grade for IP54, cooling method for IC41l, function repeatedly (S1). Making use of F insulation class and grade B evaluation in accordance to temperature (besides for 315 L2-2, 4355 all technical specs F grade the assessment, and inquire the assessment load noise index.
three. MS collection 3-stage asynchronous motor the rated voltage is 380 V. rated frequency is 50 Hz. 3 KW the subsequent connection is Y , other power are delta connection .

four.Motor running the spot at no more than a thousand m Setting air temperature changes with seasons, but no a lot more than 40 °C Minimum setting air temperature is-15 °C The soaked thirty day period typical higher relative humidity is ninety% At the same time, this thirty day period is not increased than the lowest typical temperature 25 °C.

Functioning Situations

Ambient termperature: -15°C–40°C
Altitude: Not exceeding 1000m
Rated voltage: ±5%
Rated frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Link: Y CZPT-connection for 3Kw and below
                  Δ Delta-connection for 4Kw and more
Obligation/Ranking: Continuious(S1)
Insulation Class: F, the termperture rise of the stator winding is examined at 80K.
Protection Class: IP55
Cooling Method: IC411

three Period AC Induction Motor CZPT Data:

Model No.     Rated Power Current(A)




Power Factor


380V 50Hz Synchronous Speed 3000r/min (2Pole)
MS561-one .09 .12 .29 2720 62 .seventy seven two.two 5.two 2.1
MS562-1 .twelve .16 .37 2720 sixty four .seventy eight 2.2 five.two two.1
MS63M1-2  .eighteen .25 .53 2720 sixty five .eight two.three 5.5 two.three
MS63M2-2  .25 .34 .69 2720 68 .eighty one 2.three 5.five two.3
MS71M1-2  .37 .5 one.01 2740 69 .81 2.2 six.one 2.3
MS71M2-2  .55 .seventy five 1.38 2740 74 .eighty two 2.three six.one 2.three
MS80M1-2  .75 one one.seventy seven 2830 seventy five .eighty three 2.three six.one two.2
MS80M2-2  1.one one.five two.sixty one 2830 76.2 .eighty four 2.three six.nine 2.two
MS90S-2  one.5 2 3.46 2840 78.5 .eighty four 2.three 7 2.two
MS90L-2  two.2 three four.85 2840 81 .85 2.3 seven two.2
MS100L-2  3 4 six.34 2870 eighty two.6 .87 2.three seven.five 2.2
MS112M-2  4 five.five 8.2 2890 eighty four.2 .88 two.three 7.5 two.2
MS132S1-2  5.five seven.5 eleven.1 2900 eighty five.7 .88 two.three 7.5 two.2
MS132S2-2  seven.5 10 14.nine 2900 87 .88 two.3 7.5 two.2
MS160M1-2  11 fifteen 21.three 2930 88 .89 two.3 seven.5 two.2
MS160M2-2  fifteen 20 28.eight 2930 89 .89 2.3 seven.5 2.2
MS160L-2  18.five 25 34.seven 2930 ninety .nine two.three 7.5 2.2
380V 50Hz Synchronous Speed 1500r/min (4Pole)
MS561-4 .06 .08 .23 1310 fifty six .7 two.1 4 two
MS562-4  .09 .12 .33 1310 fifty eight .72 two.1 four 2
MS63M1-4  .12 .18 .44 1310 57 .seventy two two.2 four.four 2.1
MS63M2-4  .18 .twenty five .sixty two 1310 sixty .73 two.2 four.4 two.one
MS71M1-4  .25 .34 .seventy nine 1330 65 .seventy four 2.two five.two two.one
MS71M2-4  .37 .5 1.twelve 1330 sixty seven .75 two.2 5.2 two.1
MS80M1-4  .fifty five .75 1.52 1390 seventy one .75 two.3 5.two two.4
MS80M2-4  .seventy five 1 one.95 1390 seventy three .seventy six 2.three 6 two.three
MS90S-4  1.one one.five 2.eighty five 1400 seventy six.2 .77 two.three six 2.three
MS90L-4  1.5 two three.seventy two 1400 78.five .seventy eight 2.three 6 two.three
MS100L1-4  2.two three five.09 1430 81 .eighty one two.three seven 2.three
MS100L2-4  three 4 6.seventy eight 1430 eighty two.6 .82 2.three seven two.3
MS112M-4  four five.5 8.eight 1440 84.two .eighty two two.3 seven 2.3
MS132S-4  five.five seven.5 eleven.7 1440 eighty five.seven .eighty three two.three seven 2.three
MS132M-4  seven.5 ten fifteen.6 1440 87 .eighty four two.three seven 2.3
MS160M-4  eleven 15 22.three 1460 88 .85 two.3 7 two.3
MS160L-4  fifteen twenty thirty.one 1460 89 .85 2.three 7 2.3
380V 50Hz Synchronous Speed 1000r/min (6Pole)
MS71M1-6  .18 .25 .seventy four 850 fifty six .sixty six two four 1.nine
MS71M2-6  .twenty five .34 .ninety five 850 59 .sixty eight two four 1.nine
MS80M1-6  .37 .five 1.23 890 sixty two .seven two 4.seven 1.9
MS80M2-6  .55 .75 one.seven 890 65 .72 2.1 4.seven one.nine
MS90S-6  .seventy five 1 2.29 910 sixty nine .72 two.one 5.three two
MS90L-6  one.one one.5 3.eighteen 910 72 .seventy three 2.one five.five 2
MS100L-6  one.five 2 4 940 76 .seventy six two.one five.5 two
MS112M-6  two.two 3 five.6 940 79 .76 two.1 six.five 2
MS132S-6  three four seven.4 960 81 .76 two.one 6.five two.1
MS132M1-6  four five.5 9.five 960 82 .seventy six 2.1 six.five 2.1
MS132M2-6  5.5 7.5 twelve.six 960 eighty four .77 2.1 6.five 2.1
MS160M-6  seven.five ten sixteen.9 970 86 .seventy eight two.1 6.five two
MS160L-6  eleven fifteen 24.two 970 87.5 .79 two.1 six.5 two
380V 50Hz Synchronous Speed 750r/min (8Pole)
MS80M1-8  .18 .twenty five .eighty three 630 fifty one .sixty one one.nine 3.three one.8
MS80M2-8  .twenty five .34 one.one 640 fifty four .sixty one 1.nine three.3 1.8
MS90S-8  .37 .five one.49 660 62 .sixty one one.nine four one.eight
MS90L-8  .55 .seventy five 2.seventeen 660 sixty three .sixty one 2 four one.eight
MS100L1-8  .seventy five 1 2.forty three 690 70 .sixty seven 2 4 1.eight
MS100L2-8  one.one 1.5 three.36 690 seventy two .sixty nine 2 5 one.eight
MS112M-8  1.five 2 4.four 680 74 .seven 2 five 1.8
MS132S-8  two.2 3 6 710 79 .seventy one 2 6 one.8
MS132M-8  three four 7.eight 710 80 .seventy three two six 1.eight
MS160M1-8  4 five.5 10.3 720 eighty one .seventy three two 6 1.9
MS180M2-eight five.five seven.five 13.6 720 83 .74 2 6 2

Our Production: 

Our Packing and Loading:   

Q: Do you provide OEM services?
A: Indeed.

Q: What is your payment conditions?
A: 30% T/T as deposit in advance, 70% harmony right after receipt of the copy of B/L or just before cargo.
    Also we do L/C at sight, D/P, West Union, Funds Gram and so on.

Q: What is your lead time?
A: About five-10 functioning times for LCL cargo order and about 20days for container buy right after receipt the deposit or original irrevocable L/C.

Q: What certifiicate do you have?
A: We have CE, ISO, SASO. And we can utilize for certain certificates for distinct nations demand. 

Q:How long is your goods warranty?
 A: 12months top quality guarantee.
     If the motor is damaged or can not function typically due to the production flaws, our business will mend and exchange the spare elements or full motors by free of charge.

Why Us?
a. Factory Prices — with innovative lamination,casting,rotor pouring, winding, portray, screening and packing machines, all of key supplies are produced by ourselves which saved the production value a good deal which offers customers far more profits to resell or distribute.

b.Guaranteed Quality — Ideal look, reduced noise, no heating also slight vibration can make substantial quality items. Also we do a hundred% new content,100% cooper wire,a hundred% power, one hundred% examined experienced before cargo.

c.Professional Service — Inside of 12hours to reply you all inquiries and inquiries, also considerably seasoned revenue can provide you excellent options and cooperate with you extremely properly on both prior to and following sale.


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3 Phase AC Induction Motor with Flange and Aluminum Body