4.0kv Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeve for Motors

four.0KV silicone rubber fiberglass sleeve for motors

Model Variety:SB-SGS-40
Operating temperature: 200ºC

The materials articles of the SB-SGS-forty is Non-Alkali Fiberglass Braided then coated with silicone resin and dealt with in higher temperature.

SB-SGS-forty sleeving with its very good dielectric energy, adaptability and flame retarding qualities make it high performance attributes.
It can be widely employed in insulated or partially insulated conductors, bus bars, component qualified prospects, or assemblies of electrical factors and many others.


 Item Efficiency Be aware
Dielectric breakdown    voltage  KV  AC Minimal common ≥4. Before aged  
Minimum single level ≥3.
Minimal common ≥3. six HRS* 245±5ºC
245±5ºC 6HRS Aging
Minimal solitary point ≥2.
Thermal endurance No indication of crack Okay six HRS* 245±5ºC
245±5ºC 6HRS Growing older
Hearth resistance VW-1 Ok UL 1441


Inside of Diameter Wall thickness least
CZPT package deal        m/roll
Nominal(mm) Tolerance(mm)
φ0.five +.two, -.one ≥0.37 two hundred
φ1. +.two, -.1 ≥0.37 two hundred
φ1.5 +.two, -.one ≥0.37 two hundred
φ2. +.two, -.one ≥0.37 two hundred
φ2.5 +.3, -.1 ≥0.forty two 200
φ3. +.three, -.one ≥0.forty two 200
φ4. +.three, -.one ≥0.forty two two hundred
φ4.5 +.3, -.one ≥0.fifty one a hundred
φ5. +.3, -.one ≥0.fifty one a hundred
φ6. +.three, -.one ≥0.fifty one 100
φ7. +.three, -.1 ≥0.56 100
φ8. +.3, -.1 ≥0.56 a hundred
φ9. +.three, -.1 ≥0.66 a hundred
φ10. +.three, -.1 ≥0.sixty six 100
φ12. +1., -1. ≥0.sixty six 50
φ14. +one., -one. ≥0.66 fifty
φ16. +1., -one. ≥0.66 50
φ18. +1., -1. ≥0.66 fifty
φ20. +one., -1. ≥0.76 25
φ25. +one., -1. ≥0.seventy six twenty five
φ30. +1., -1. ≥0.76 25

Package deal
Packing by rolls or cut on ask for.

CZPT coloration is white, other color CZPT on request.


4.0kv Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeve for Motors