6020SL Electrical Low Shrinkage Polyester Film

6571SL is biaxial oriented polyethylene terephthalate (PET) movie. 
It is equivalent to 6571, but with minimal shrinkage home.


  • good transparency and overall flexibility
  • Reduce heat shrinkage
  • Substantial mechanical strength
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • outstanding chemical resistance
  • Excellent dielectric home


  • ID card
  • membrane switch
  • Protecting film for card

four.Technical PARAMETER

No. Houses Units Values
one Tensile energy (MD and TD) MPa ≥140
2 Elongation at split
(MD and TD)
% ≥80
3 Shrinkage % ≤1.five
Distinction among MD and TD ≤0.eight
4 Power frequency electric
V/um CZPTrded only
five Haze % ≤9.


6020SL Electrical Low Shrinkage Polyester Film