70mm Gear Motor Micro Motor 20W

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  The principal merchandise is induction motor, reversible motor, DC brush equipment motor, DC brushless equipment motor, CH/CV large equipment motors, Planetary gear motor ,Worm gear motor etc, which utilised commonly in different fields of producing pipelining, transportation, food, medication, printing, cloth, packing, office, equipment, entertainment and so forth, and is the desired and matched item for automatic device. 

20W 70mm consistent pace AC gear motor

Specification of motor 20W 70mm Set speed AC equipment motor
Variety  Gear tooth Output Shaft Energy
CZPTt Torque
Rated CZPTt Gearbox kind
Resistance Voltage
CZPT gearbox Center Gearbox
Reversible Motor 3RK20GN-C 20 50 220 .25 600 487 1200 1.eight five hundred 3GN- K 3GN10X
20 60 220 .23 five hundred four hundred 1500 1.5 five hundred 3GN- K 3GN10X

Drawing: 3RK20GN-C/3GN3~20K (Limited gearbox shell 32mm)

Drawing: 3RK20GN-C/3GN25~180K (Limited gearbox shell 42mm)

Gearbox torque table(Kg.cm)                     (kg.cm×9.8÷100)=N.m  
Output pace :RPM 500 300 two hundred 150 one hundred twenty 100 75 sixty fifty 30 twenty 15 ten 7.five 6 5 three  
Velocity ratio 50Hz 3 3 seven.five 10 12.five fifteen twenty 25 30 fifty 75 100 a hundred and fifty 200 250 300 500  
60Hz 3.six six nine   fifteen 18   thirty 36 sixty ninety a hundred and twenty a hundred and eighty   300 360 600  
10W kg.cm 1.7 2.7 4.2 five.5 six.eight eight.3 11 13.five 16 26 forty fifty 50 fifty fifty fifty fifty  
15W kg.cm 2.4 four 6 8 10 12 sixteen 19 23 39 fifty fifty fifty fifty fifty 50 fifty  
20W kg.cm 3.2 5.three 8 10.five 13.3 16 21.three twenty five.three 30.five 50 50 fifty fifty fifty fifty 50 fifty  
25w kg.cm four. 6.seven 10 13.three 16 twenty 26.7 32 39 50 50 50 50 fifty 50 50 fifty  
30w kg.cm 4.8 eight 12 sixteen twenty 24 32 38 46 50 50 fifty 50 50 50 fifty fifty  
Notice: Speed figures are dependent on synchronous speed, The real output pace, underneath rated torque conditions, is about ten-twenty% less than synchronous pace, a grey background suggests output shaft of geared motor rotates in the very same route as output shaft of motor. A white track record suggests rotates rotation in the opposite direction.  

Drawing is for regular screw hole, If need by way of hole, terminal box, or electronic magnet brake, require to explain to the seller.

Basic tech knowledge: Retail cost:
Motor kind: AC equipment motor           Insulation Course: E
Motor materials: Aluminum , Copper, Metal IP quality:IP44
Rotation: CW/CCW reversible Working fashion:S1
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Functioning temperature assortment: -10 °C~+40°C
HS Code:8501400000 Working relative humidity: 95% Below

Relationship Diagram:

Specifications for reference only. 
Shaft dimension and specs(voltage, torque, velocity, etc) can be CZPT. 

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 70mm Gear Motor Micro Motor 20W