A6vm200 Hydraulic Piston Motor Rexroth Brand for Excavator

 A6vm200 CZPT  Piston Motor CZPT Brand  for excavator

Brueninghaus Hydromatik CZPT A6VM motor
CZPT Variable motor A6VM55, A6VM80, A6VM107, A6VM140, A6VM160, A6VM200, A6VM250


Open and shut circuits
Series 63
Size Nominal stress, 28 to 200 (400 bar/450 bar)
250 to one thousand (350 bar/400 bar)
– Variable A6VM motor with axial tapered piston rotary group of bent axial style, for hydrostatic drives in open up and closed circuits
– For use in mobile and stationary purposes
– The extensive handle selection allows the variable motor to fulfill the necessity for large velocity and higher torque.
– The displacement can be infinitely altered from Vg max to Vg min = .
– The output velocity is dependent on the flow of the pump and the displacement of the motor.
– The output torque boosts with the stress differential among the higher-pressure and low-strain side and with rising displacement.
– Wide handle selection with hydrostatic transmissions
– Vast assortment of manage devices
– Price savings by way of elimination of equipment shifts and chance of making use of scaled-down pumps
– Compact, sturdy motor with prolonged support lifestyle
– Higher power density
– Excellent starting qualities
– Tiny swing torque
CZPT Data of Brueninghaus Hydromatik CZPT A6VM Motor
Desk of values (theoretical values, CZPT efficiency and tolerances values rounded)

CZPT A6VM motor A6VM55 A6VM80 A6VM107 A6VM140 A6VM160 A6VM200 A6VM250
Nominal force p N bar four hundred 400 four hundred four hundred four hundred 400 350
Optimum pressure pmax bar 450 450 450 450 450 450 400
Displacement Vg max cm³ fifty four.8 eighty 107 one hundred forty a hundred and sixty two hundred 250
Velocity at V g max n max rpm 4450 3900 3550 3250 3100 2900 2700
Pace at V g<V g max n max rpm 7000 6150 5600 5150 4900 4600 3600
Inlet circulation at nmax q V max l/min 244 312 380 455 496 580 675
Torque Δ p = four hundred bar T Nm 349 509 681 891 1019 1273 1391
Weight (approx.) m kg 26 34 47 60 sixty four eighty 90

CZPT fluid
Just before starting up venture plHangCZPT, you should refer to our information sheets RE 95710 (mineral oil), RE 95711 (environmentally suitable hydraulic fluids), RE 95712 (HFD hydraulic fluids) and RE 95713 (HFA, HFB, HFC hydraulic fluids) for in depth info relating to the decision of hydraulic fluid and application situations.
The variable motor A6VM is not suited for operation with HFA hydraulic fluid. If HFB, HFC, or HFD or environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluids are used, the restrictions with regards to technical information or other seals have to be observed.


A6vm200 Hydraulic Piston Motor Rexroth Brand for Excavator