80392932 Sprocket for New Holland Combine

80392932 Sprocket Fits the following models

New Holland Combine harvester : 8050 8060 8070 8080 CS520 CS540 CS6050 CS6060 CS6070 CS6080 CS6090 CS640 CS660 CSX7060 CSX7080 TF42 TF44 TF46 TF74 TF78 TX30 TX32 TX34 TX36 TX66

Spare parts for new Dutch combine grain and return lift.
Start the grain elevator to load the grain into the bin, or start the return elevator to return the grain for additional threshing.
This spare part is used to replace worn or damaged parts during maintenance.
Made of steel. In order to connect it to the shaft in the center hole, the key has a groove.
The component is heat-treated to enhance its strength and wear resistance. The outer surface is painted.

▍Parameters of 80392932 Sprocket

Weight, W kg 1.69
Inner diameter, d mm 45
Outer diameter, D mm 62
Number of teeth, Z 10
Height, H mm 41
Outside diameter, D1 mm 145
Key slot mm 41x12x3
Height, H2 mm 18

▍We can provide customized services

1. Chain used

HZPT sprockets are manufactured with a tooth profile and dimensional precision to bring out the maximum performance of the chain you will use.

2. Number of teeth

HZPT sprockets are available with small and large numbers of teeth to match your usage conditions.

Single pitch sprocket

Double pitch sprocket

*Chain matched:35 Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:40 Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:50 Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:60 Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:80 Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:100 Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:120 Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:140 Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:160 Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:200 Teeth:from 9-120

*P=25.4mm Teeth:from 7-100

*P=31.8mm Teeth:from 7-100

*P=38.1mm Teeth:from 7-100

*P=50.8mm Teeth:from 7-100

*P=63.5mm Teeth:from 7-100

3. Construction

4. Material

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass,42CrMo,40Cr, A3, and so on.

5. Bore

Pilot bore, finished bore, taper bore, and special bore

6. Treatment

Heat Treatment: Hardening and Tempering, High-Frequency Quenching, Carburizing Quenching, and so on.

Surface Treatment: Zinc Plating, Chrome plated, Black oxide Treatment, Spray Paint, Mirror Finish, Sand-blasting, and so on.

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80392932 Sprocket for New Holland Combine


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Our products are widely applicable for that tractors and engines such as Massey Ferguson, John Deere, UTB, Fiat, Ford, New Holland, Perkins, Deutz, and so on. Our products have covered more than 6000 kinds of parts.

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We Also Supply Agricultural chains

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