Factory Price High Torque 48V 5kw Brushless DC Motor 3000 Rpm 48V BLDC Motor for Electric Vehicle Flat Car Tracked Robot

manufacturing facility cost high torque 48v 5kw brushless dc motor 3000 rpm 48v bldc motor for electrical vehicle flat auto Tracked robot


Merchandise overview

 1. Overview:

Axial magnetic area motor is also identified as disk permanent magnet motor, axial magnetic discipline motor’s air gap is planar, The air gap magnetic area alongside the axial distribution, the motor stator structure is straightforward to Make main and winding cooling,it can get more heat dissipation area since of its compact framework (axial dimensions is brief), modest size, higher performance, high power density, Excellent velocity manage efficiency. little instant of inertia, large reliability and short magnet circuit and it attracted far more and much more interest. They are broadly employed in new vitality electric automobile, renewable strength techniques, industrial tools which require higher torque density and compact occasions.

two.Variety Description:


           KY-KEYA for brief


           BL:DC Brushless BLS:Brushless Servo

           04-Rated volt

           04-Rated energy*1000

          fifteen-Rated speed*a hundred

           B- with brake


3.CZPT Parameter:

Model KY210BLS0405-30

Rated Voltage


Rated Energy


Rated Velocity


Rated Torque


Peak Torque

seventy five N.m

Rated Current


Line Resistance


Rotor Inductance


Torque Constant


Roter Inertia

one.17X10 -2Kg.mtwo

Mechanical Time Consistent


EMF constant

25.three V/Krpm

Insulation Resistance






Amount of security


Functioning system

S2 60min

Temperature classification


Environmental temperature


Sort of cooling

natural cooling

Brake manner

energy off brake


vertical mount




17kg Diameter 210mm


4.Related Goods:

Product Volt Electrical power Speed Torque Encoder Brake
KY190BL5712-15 24V 2KW 1500RPM twelve.7N.m NO NO
KY190BL5712-15B 24V 2KW 1500RPM 12.7N.m NO NO
KY190BLS5712-15 24V 2KW 1500RPM twelve.7N.m Indeed NO 
KY190BLS5712-15B 24V 2KW 1500RPM 12.7N.m Sure Indeed
KY210BL0404-fifteen 48V 4KW 1500RPM 25.4N.m NO NO
KY210BL0404-15B 48V 4KW 1500RPM 25.4N.m NO Yes
KY210BLS0404-fifteen 48V 4KW 1500RPM 25.4N.m Sure NO
KY210BLS0404-15B 48V 4KW 1500RPM twenty five.4N.m Indeed Of course
KY210BL0705-30 72V 5KW 3000RPM 15.9N.m NO NO
KY210BL0705-30B 72V 5KW 3000RPM 15.9N.m NO Sure
KY210BLS0705-30 72V 5KW 3000RPM 15.9N.m Of course NO
KY210BLS0705-30B 72V 5KW 3000RPM 15.9N.m Sure Sure


Specification for KY210BL0404-fifteen
Rated voltage  DC48V
Rated electrical power  4000w
Rated velocity  1500rpm
Rated present


Rated touque  25.5N.m
Peak Torque


Line Resistance

 0.571Ω (20ºC)

Rotor Inductance


Torque Constant


Back EMF Continual


Rotor Inertia  11.7kg.m2*ten-3
Mechanical Time Continual  5.84ms
Operating method

 S2 60min



Variety of poles

 4 pairs

Incremental encoder

 2500ppr (CZPT design will not have encoder, if you need to have that, kindly advise)


Brake launched when powered (CZPT product do not have brake, if you want that, kindly recommend)




Factory Price High Torque 48V 5kw Brushless DC Motor 3000 Rpm 48V BLDC Motor for Electric Vehicle Flat Car Tracked Robot