Good Quality 4 Inches Oil Cooling Motor for Submersible Pump

Great top quality 4 Inches Oil Cooling Motor for Submersible Pump

Conform to international standard of IEC34-1, CE,
Whole blocked asynchronous motor with squirrel cage rotor.
Outer shell, shaft and base created of stainless metal.
Brass alloy or nickel plated cast-iron upper bracket.
Swedish bearing or equivalent items can undertake increased thrust load
Italian Mechanical seal.
Strain automatic adjusting unit made of oil-prof and waterproof reformed butyl rubber.
Flange connector conform to the standard of NEMA
Lacquer-coated wire conforms to NEMA

Single section .twenty five~2.2kw,
A few section .55kw~7.5kw

Thrust load: 1500N (.25kw-.75kw)
2500N (one.1kw-two.2kw)
4500N( three.0kw-7.5kw)

Degree of safety: IP68
Insulation: Class B
Max. Ambient temperature: 35 celsius degree
Min Cooling movement alongside the motor: 8cm/ sec
Drinking water pH: 6.5-8.
Max starts for every hour: 30
Max submerged depth: a hundred and fifty m
Vertical or horizontal mounting position up to two.2kw
Motor security by temperature compensated
Thermal relay and further-quick journey overload
Overload trip time:
Significantly less than 10 secs( when load is five occasions of rating current)
Flat water-proof cable 4×2. mm2 with separated earth wire
Dimension: 19.two x 6.two mm2
Length: (.twenty five-three.0kw)
2.three-two.5m ( four.-5.5kw)
2.8-three.0m (seven.5kw)
Particular scaled merchandise required by consumer can be presented.

History: 21 a long time of knowledge in submersible pumps.

Items: 3” 4” 6” 8” submersible pumps, 4” re-windable oil cooling submersible motors, 6” 8” h2o cooling submersible motors, 6” stainless metal submersible motors. Sewage pumps. Multistage submersible pumps.

CZPT: Italy pump and motor engineering, NEMA normal

Certificate: CE, CZPT: 2000

Efficiency: 250, 000 sets/year.

OEM companies CZPT.


Good Quality 4 Inches Oil Cooling Motor for Submersible Pump