High Capacity API 610 Standard Self Priming Electric Motor Pump

SW & SWH series non-clogging self-priming high potential drinking water Pump is our newest generation item base on the newest engineering and craftwork. It is made for economical & difficulties-free of charge procedure in handling sound-laden liquids and slurries.
Its known as King of Self Priming Pump, and the most concept new-technology sewage solution.

1. Municipal Venture, Sewage Undertaking, Instruction Venture
two. Transportation of the sewage of uptown
3. Sewage transportation in Medical center, resort, slaughter house, fish breeding
4. Classification of municipal sewage therapy manufacturing unit and focus remedy programs engineering
five. Transportation of the factory and contaminated h2o
6. Sewage and deposit of water purifying technique
seven. CZPT sewage of mild sector, paper mill, textile, meals prpcessing plant, chemical business, electric powered utility, deep mines, etc
eight. Wine and sugar industry
nine. Irrigation, flood defense, wastewater, sewage treatment method, dewatering, industrial, design, petroleum etc.

Functions: Solids Dealing with Impeller, Exceptional Abrasion-Resistant Seal, Detachable Protect Plate with Effortless-Grip Handle, Replaceable Put on plate, Detachable Rotating Assembly.

one. Inlet/Outlet: 2”(50mm), 3”(80mm), 4”(100mm), 6”(150mm), 8”(200mm), 10”(250mm), 12”(300mm)
2. Impeller Diameter: 158.74mm-457.2mm
3. Rotary Speed: 550RPM-2150 RPM
four. Circulation Prices: 8m3/h-1275m3/h20GPM-5500GPM
five. CZPT: 6m-63m
6. Horsepower: 1HP-125HP
seven. N. W: 92KG-998KG
eight. G. W: 114KG-1066KG
9. Reliable Passing: twenty.63mm-76.2mm
ten. Materials: Solid iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, forged metal, aluminum, bronze
eleven. Diesel Driving: H2o cooled or air cooled
twelve. Method of Link: Self-priming pumps are CZPT as standard models or may be flex-coupled, V-belt driven or engine mounted.
thirteen. Drive Variation: CZPT, Deutz, Ricardo, Chinese Diesel, CZPT Motor
fourteen. Skid Mounted on Trailer2 wheels or 4 wheels Trailer/Trailer

photographs for electrical pumps:

photographs for diesel engine pump for reference:

selection Chart and Performance
item no model stream(m3/h) head(m) energy(kw) velocity(rpm) inlet/outlet(mm) excess weight(kg)
1 sw-2 -45m3/h -40M 1kw-15kw 1150rpm-2900rpm two” 92kg
two sw-three -110m3/h -40M 1kw-25kw 650rpm-2150rpm three” 183kg
3 sw-4 -180m3/h -40M 2kw-45kw 650rpm-1950rpm four” 280kg
4 sw-6 -350m3/h -40M 2kw-55kw 650rpm-1550rpm 6″ 391kg
five sw-8 -650m3/h -40M 5.5kw-90kw 650rpm-1500rpm eight” 634kg
six sw-10 -800m3/h -50M 7.5kw-120kw 650rpm-1500rpm ten” 663kg
seven sw-12 -1300m3/h -50M 18.5kw-145kw 650rpm-1500rpm twelve” 1066kg
eight swh-3 -90m3/h -60M 2kw-30kw 850rpm-2150rpm 3″ 225kg
9 swh-four -160m3/h -60M 3kw-50kw 850rpm-2150rpm 4″ 297kg
ten swh-6 -300m3/h -60M 5kw-90kw 850rpm-1950rpm 6″ 437kg
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High Capacity API 610 Standard Self Priming Electric Motor Pump