PA PP PE Flexible Plastic Corrugated Conduit Wire Loom Tube


ROHS  Flexible CZPT Corrugated wire loom Tubing delivers you extensive variety specialized qualities for your
cable and wire management applications from not only  mechnical damage but also the influnces of UV
radiation,weathering and substances.

The versatile entire body allows for the cables in the corner and elbow.We also offer the split fashion for simple installation
and removal .


Merchandise Function:

a.  Highly abrasion resistance

b.  Resist acids

c.  Solvents and fuels resistant

d.  Resistant to UL radiation

e.  Insulative and protective, Towards mechanical injury

f.   Flexibility, Light-weight excess weight

g.  Effortless to install and eliminate

h.  Split type & Not split fashion

CZPT Information:

1. Substance: PE/PP/PA
2. Running selection: PE: -40ºC to +90ºC
                                PA: -40ºC to +130ºC
                                PP: -30ºC to +110ºC
three. CZPT coloration: Black and Grey
4. Certification: ROHS


a.   Safeguarding wires and cables harness in automotive, products, railway and so forth.

b.  Employed for safeguarding the hydraulic hoses.

c.  Used in the fields of electrics communication, car for relationship insulation and rust-evidence of metal product.

Detail Pictures:

PE CZPT Corrugated Wire Loom 


PE substance Component No PA substance Component No  PP content Component No I.D*O.D(d*D) Bending Radius(R+-10%) Packing(L)
CFC-PE-7 CFC-PA-seven CFC-PP-seven 4.5X7. 5. 200m/roll
CFC-PE-8.5 CFC-PA-8.5 CFC-PP-eight.five five.5X8.5 8. 100m/roll
CFC-PE-ten CFC-PA-10 CFC-PP-ten seven.0X10. ten. 100m/roll
CFC-PE-twelve CFC-PA-12 CFC-PP-12 8.5X11.5 fifteen. 100m/roll
CFC-PE-thirteen CFC-PA-13 CFC-PP-13 ten.0X13. 20. 100m/roll
CFC-PE-15.8 CFC-PA-fifteen.eight CFC-PP-fifteen.eight 12.0X15.eight 30. 100m/roll
CFC-PE-18.five CFC-PA-18.5 CFC-PP-18.5 14.3X18.5 40. 100m/roll
CFC-PE-21.five CFC-PA-21.2 CFC-PP-21.two seventeen.0X21.two forty five. 100m/roll
CFC-PE-25 CFC-PA-twenty five CFC-PA-twenty five 21.0X25 fifty. 100m/roll
CFC-PE-28.five CFC-PA-28.five CFC-PA-28.five 23.0×28.five fifty five. 50m/roll
CFC-PE-34.five CFC-PA-34.five CFC-PP-34.5 29.0X34.five sixty. 50m/roll
CFC-PE-42.5 CFC-PA-42.five CFC-PP-forty two.5 36.0X42.5 70. 25m/roll
CFC-PE-54.5 CFC-PA-54.5 CFC-PP-54.5 forty eight.0X54.five eighty. 25m/roll

PA PP PE Flexible Plastic Corrugated Conduit Wire Loom Tube