Seamless Cylinder Bottom Base Making Machine

seamless cylinder base foundation creating machine

HFD180 Hot Spinning Equipment contain: Intermediate Frequency Heating Equipment, Sizzling Spinning Forming Equipment, Bottom Pushing Equipment, and so forth. Overall electricity for Comprehensive Tools is about 2000Kw, set up region is 13000 x 8000mm, certain parameter as adhering to:

Intermediate Frequency Heating Tools Product D180-110Kw

CZPT Parameters

A.Principal CZPT Parameter:

Rated Electricity(KW) Rated Frequency(Hz) Power Frequency Voltage(V)
a hundred and ten 2500 3-380

B.Gear Performance and CZPT Prerequisite
1.KGPS-B Thyristor Intermediate Frequency Inverter
1-one, Principal CZPT Parameter:

Rated Power
Max Energy
Rated Frequency
Electrical power Frequency
Output Voltage(V) Matching Transformer
a hundred and ten 250 2500 3N-380 750 200

one-two, CZPT Manage Wide:
CZPT Handle Wide utilizes imported integrated circuit. Rectifier triggers do not need any adjustment, it has section sequence to adaptive electric powered circuit with large dependability. Inverter adapts sweeping-frequency and zero force begin-up, it has the purpose of hefty load commencing. Frequency tracking circuit employing the average sampling programs to boost anti-jamming functionality of the inverter. Inverter circuit also additional inverter angle regulating circuit, which can immediately change load impedance matching.
one-three, Protection and Manage:
CZPT Handle Broad inner purpose involves: Rectifier period shifting set off, Period self-adaption, Inverter set off, Reverse lead angle lock, Inverter repeat start, In excess of-present defense, In excess of-voltage projection, Open-period protection, CZPT below-voltage defense, Handle panel beneath-voltage security,and so on.
1-4, The CZPT of Frequency Converter:
ZBK46001-87   Semiconductor Frequency Converter for Induction Heating
JB/DQ6367-88  Semiconductor Frequency Converter for Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating, Merchandise Good quality Evaluation and so on
JB4086.eighty five    CZPT Condition of CZPT Manage Equipment for Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating 
JB/T4280-ninety three    Intermediate Frequency Coreless Induction Furnace
one-5, H2o Tank: 
Frequency Converter and Capacitor all undertake open up return system, it is better for observation. Cabinet physique with drinking water force protection system.
one-6, Exterior Electrical power Wire: 
Exterior Frequency Electricity Cord enter from the top of Intermediate frequency electricity supply cabinet.
one-7, Electrical power Regulating:
There is Energy Regulating Knob on the panel of Intermediate Frequency Electrical power Provide Cabinet, the output electricity of frequency converter is adjustable.
1-eight, Main Circuit Connection:
Main circuits of the energy offer cupboard are made by copper.
one-nine, Shade of Cupboard:
Computer spray gray.

No. Seamless cylinder generation line
one Slicing machine
two Cylinder Base Shut Device
three Bottom Leak Testing Equipment
four Cylinder CZPT-Shut Machine
5 Cylinder Automative Drilling Equipment
6 hardening and tempering creation line
7 Threaded Screw Machine
8 Gantry-type exterior testing machine (which includes dryer)
9 internal shot blasting device
10 Outer shot blasting machine
eleven  Coding Equipment
twelve Rivet collar machine
thirteen Rivet base machine
fourteen Spraying line
15 Valve mounting equipment
sixteen Cylinder Air Leakage Tests Device


Outer shot blasting machine


Coding Machine

D180 Very hot Spinning Device CZPT Parameters

A.Parameters for Cylinder
      1-1, Cylinder Substance: 34CrMo4 (35 CrMo),37Mn,thirty CrMo
      one-2, Specification of Cylinder:

  1. Diameter:φ89-180mm
  2. Size: 400–1050mm
  3. Thickness: five–12mm
  4. Excess weight: <80kg

B. Overall performance for Sizzling Spinning Machine

  1. two.1, Creation rate: <80s/bottle(including the time of input and output material)
    2.2, Equipment overall energy: around 60KW
       Main motor: 30KW–6P
    two.3, Flap rotation torque: 20KN.m
    two.four, CZPT method nominal working pressure:five–8Mpa (Reduced strain), six-15Mpa (Substantial stress)
    two.five, Speed of Mainshaft: four hundred~450 R/M
    2.6, Two optional varieties for auxiliary heating: Computerized or Guide

C. Structure of Sizzling Spinning Equipment

  1., Hot spinning machine primary motor consists of major motor chassis, primary shaft, jack capture clamping gadget, grip cylinder, oil dispenser.
    3.2, Panel turnover system consists of turning plate, turning plate oil cylinder, turning plate bearing(single-increase) and modifying mechanism, turning plate centre lower than 20mm of principal shaft centre, cushion block.
    three.3, Equipment includes feeding mechanism, discharge mechanism, air cylinder, detachable and adjustable feed body.
    three.4, Steel pipe positioning mode: prelocalization
    3.five, CZPT technique includes high-low stress pump, management valve and connecting pipeline.
    three.6, One set electric powered manage cupboard, one established electrical handle box.
    three.7, Two varieties for Mould lifting device: Automated or Handbook

D. Ingredient and File Provided
 , Jack catch:φ89,φ140,φ180(every diameter a single pair)
           4.two, Closed base die:φ180(one particular pair)
           four.3, Manufacture Certificate, Operation Instruction, CZPTal Principle Chart, CZPT Theory Chart, Principal Element Chart, The Set up Plan, Products Shipping and delivery Listing.

Seamless Cylinder Bottom Base Making Machine