Three-Phase AC Synchronous Motor Driving Ball Mill, Rod Mill, AG Mill Semi-Autogenous Mill Tdmk800-36 2600 800kw 6kv

1TDMK/TM sequence synchronous motors (like TDMK collection brushed synchronous motors and TMW series brushless synchronous motors) are broadly utilized in mining, cement and other industries. It is mostly utilised to drive mechanical tools with lower velocity and increased electricity, and the primary transmission grid type ball mill, rod mill, and coal mill. This collection of motors adopts new technology, new resources, new processes, beautiful substance selection, and sophisticated producing. It has the characteristics of modest measurement, mild bodyweight, early visual appeal, higher effectiveness, lower noise, low vibration, secure and reliable operation, and hassle-free and safe use and maintenance. .

This series of synchronous motors are divided into two kinds: shaft drilling motors and shaft non-piercing motors. The shaft punching motor must be utilized with a pneumatic clutch (the pneumatic clutch requirements to be well prepared by the consumer), and the shaft not punching motor needs a greater commencing overall performance (you should specify when purchasing)
2Basic parameters
Electrical power range: 200KW~12000KW, rated voltage: 3000, 6000, 10000V, rated speed: a hundred and fifty, 167, 187.5, 200r/min and so on., defense level: IP00IP20IP23IP44IP54 Operating technique: S1, cooling strategy :IC01IC37IC81W
Installation approach: IM7311IM7312IM7321 And so on

3CZPT traits
TDMK sequence shaft-punching synchronous motors, whose beginning strategy is utilized with pneumatic clutch, can recognize the segmented commencing of synchronous motor and mill load, with tiny impact on the user’s power grid, and permitting entire voltage immediate starting up.
TDMK sequence shafts are not perforated synchronous motors with quite large starting up overall performance, which can meet the requirements of customers to commence immediately with load.
TDMK collection synchronous motors have higher functioning security and sturdy overload ability. When the grid voltage drops or the motor is overloaded, the excitation program can automatically modify and employ powerful excitation to make certain the balance of the motor.
The security system is superior and complete. Stator windings and bearings are geared up with temperature detection units, which can check, alarm and journey.
TMW series brushless synchronous motors, its brushless excitation system adopts a rotating rectifier, a rotating armature AC major excitation machine, and a coaxial integrated framework with the synchronous motor. It has automatic de-excitation security and automated excitation at the very best time of polarity. The smart computerized manage purpose of load out-of-step re-stepping and out-of-step safety has a substantial degree of stability and quick reaction overall performance, and the power provide system voltage transiently fluctuates and leads to oscillation or the pushed mechanical products and method stream show up When the transient disturbance is strong, the motor has the perform of computerized intelligent defense and handle, which has a considerably scaled-down impact on the operation of the motor than the classic brushed synchronous motor.

four. Framework type
The motor is composed of two pedestal bearings, stator, rotor and bottom plate.
The shaft drilling motor has a deep gap (consumption hole) at the center of the tail of the shaft, and an air gap at the shaft extension finish for setting up a pneumatic clutch. The shaft of TMW series brushless synchronous motors is equipped with a coaxial rotating rectifier and rotating armature AC principal exciter, which replaces the collector ring and brush framework of TDMK series motors to give excitation for the motor.
Stator: The stator frame is welded by metal plate, and the motor stator outlet is led by higher-voltage rubber cable. The outlet wire can be led out from the foundation part or from the main junction box on the electrical facet.

The stator main is laminated with low-reduction silicon steel sheets, and the main sections are divided by radial ventilation ducts.
The stator winding is F grade insulation, and the temperature rise is assessed in accordance to B grade to assist lengthen the services lifestyle. Using VPI general dipping paint therapy, it has high electrical overall performance, mechanical energy, bonding performance, moisture resistance and thermal steadiness.
The rotor magnetic pole core is produced of laminated metal plates, and the magnetic pole coils are insulated with class F.
When the person adopts the pneumatic clutch, the shaft can be punched in accordance to the user’s requirements. The rotor help is produced of cast metal.
TDMK sequence brushed synchronous motors are outfitted with steel slip rings on the shaft. An AC exciter and a rotating rectifier plate are set up on the shaft of the TMW collection brushless synchronous motor. The bottom plate is a steel plate welded structure, which is welded with a 20-30mm metal plate.

Adopt seat sort spherical sliding bearing. The bearings are insulated to avert shaft currents. Use new lubricating oil and slender-walled bearing alloy bushes, and established electromagnetic centerline indicators.
TMW collection brushless synchronous motors have small rotary rectifier discs, compact buildings and electrical connections. The fastened components and the heat sink are built-in, which is reputable in operation, minimal in failure price, and hassle-free in installation and upkeep.

Three-Phase AC Synchronous Motor Driving Ball Mill, Rod Mill, AG Mill Semi-Autogenous Mill Tdmk800-36 2600 800kw 6kv